Want a fresh way to introduce your friends to Jesus?

Introducing Taste & See

Are you looking for something that is both theologically rich and culturally accessible? Something that engages logic, intellect, heart and experience? 

Taste & See is an opportunity to invite your friends to explore the timeless, good news of Jesus through a series of meals together. 

Our deepest desire for our friends is that they will ‘taste and see that the Lord is good.’ 

The gospel in 4 meals

Over four weeks and four different meals, we examine four big ideas about God around the table. 

Each meal illustrates part of the grand narrative of the bible’s storyline. It is an invitation to engage all the senses and experience the beauty of God’s story as together we ‘eat our way through the bible’. Along the way we tap into questions of meaning, purpose and hope and hear God’s invitation to life. 

How does it work?

Each week is built around good food, good conversation, and a thought-provoking presentation from the bible. Around the table there are opportunities to hear personal faith stories, toss around some big ideas, ask questions, raise doubts, or just quietly listen in. 

Hosts of Taste & See put a high value on warm and generous hospitality. Whether it is hosted in a home, around the kitchen table, a cafe, or a church space, we want guests to feel relaxed and valued. Good food is a key component, but there is flexibility built in to suit your context and budget. 

Paul Young and Wendy Potts, two of the creators behind Taste & See, tell Hope Mornings about this new evangelistic course where sharing a meal IS the key ingredient in sharing the gospel.

Our distinctive flavours

There are lots of great courses out there. What is distinctive about this one? 

1. We share the big gospel story in four meals – creation, fall, redemption and renewal – where each meal illustrates the concepts.

2. We utilise the universal language of food and warm hospitality that crosses boundaries and brings people together.

3. Our content is theologically rich and culturally accessible, utilising experiential learning.

4. Just four weeks which is short enough to commit, long enough to give time to digest. With the view of inviting further exploration. 

5. Taste & See has been home grown in Australia. 

The main ingredients

In the Taste & See pack, we provide scripts and power points for your presenter; training videos and planning notes for your team; invitations and promo material. We provide menu ideas and guidance around setting up and running the night and group dynamics. We reckon you know your own context best, so there is room for you to add your own flavour to the mix.
Got questions? We’d be happy to support you further.

What do you need?

It’s a team effort. Taste & See provides an opportunity to bring a variety of gifts and talents in the body of Christ together. 

You will need a confident presenter who can lead the night and present the content. You will need people who can look after the food, and others who are good at creating a welcoming space. It would be great to have someone help oversee planning and logisitics. You will need an appropriate venue to suit the size of your group. And of course, you invite the guests!

Crucial Crew Members​

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