Explore the timeless message of Jesus over good food, good company and good conversation.

What's on the menu?

Over four weeks and four different meals, we explore four big ideas about God around the table.

Week one
It Was Good
We kick off with a vegetarian banquet celebrating food fresh from the earth and exploring the wonder and beauty of God's good design. We discuss: How can we know God? The mystery of being human. The basis of ethics. What about science? Is there more to life? Curiosity is welcomed.
Week one
Week two
What's Gone Wrong?
This week we break all of our own rules and indulge in a deliciously greasy fast-food feast. We investigate what's wrong with our world today and why is the good so broken? We'll see what Jesus has to say about this problem.
Week two
Week three
The Great Rescue
This week we share a Middle-Eastern meal that has ancient significance. Based on the Jewish annual Passover celebration remembering God’s rescue for thousands of years. We'll see how Jesus used this ancient meal to point to his mission as God’s solution to our world's biggest problem.
Week three
Week four
Future Hope
This final meal is an international banquet in celebration of the new life that is offered by Jesus. We think about life to the full now and what happens beyond death? We consider the impact of Jesus’ resurrection on the future hope for our world - a hope that changes everything for us today.
Week four

What is it like?

Taste & See is an opportunity to explore the timeless, good news of Jesus with friends through a series of meals. Each meal illustrates part of the grand narrative of the bible’s storyline. It is an invitation to engage all the senses and experience the beauty of God’s story as we ‘eat our way through the bible’. Along the way we tap into questions of meaning, purpose and hope and hear God’s invitation to life.

Each week, you will enjoy good food, good conversation, and a thought provoking presentation from the bible. There will be opportunities to hear personal faith stories, toss around some big ideas, ask questions, raise doubts, or just quietly listen in.

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